Volume 92 (1–2), 2020

Part 1

Tepsell J., Rämö O. T., Heinonen A., Lahaye Y., Haapala P., Halkoaho T., Heinonen J. S., Höytiä H., Konnunaho J., Järvinen V.
Some new insights into the geochronology of the Western Karelia Subprovince, Finnish Lapland
Published online 3 April 2020
Skyttä P., Määttä M., Piippo S., Kara J., Käpyaho A., Heilimo E., O'Brien H.
Constraints over the age of magmatism and subsequent deformation for the Neoarchean Kukkola Gneiss Complex, northern Fennoscandia
Published online 11 May 2020
Kärenlampi K., Kontinen A., Hanski E., Huhma H., Lahaye Y., Krause J., Heinig T.
Age and origin of the Nb-Zr-REE mineralization in the Paleoproterozoic A1-type granitoids at Otanmäki, central Finland
Published online 1 June 2020

Part 2

Åberg A. K., Kultti S., Kaakinen A., Eskola K. O., Salonen V.-P.
Weichselian sedimentary record and ice-flow patterns in the Sodankylä area, central Finnish Lapland
Published online 24 September 2020
Niinikoski-Fußwinkel P., Purkamo L., Karhu J.
The effect of water pre-treatment with poly-aluminiumchloride on the decomposition of dissolved organic matter in managed aquifer recharge
Published online 9 September 2020
Makkonen H. V., Tuisku P.
Geology and crystallization conditions of the Särkiniemi intrusion and related nickel-copper ore, central Finland – implications for depth of emplacement of 1.88 Ga nickel-bearing intrusions
Published online 24 September 2020
Ranta J.-P., Hanski E., Stein H., Goode M., Mäki T., Taivalkoski A.
Kivilompolo Mo mineralization in the Peräpohja belt revisited: Trace element geochemistry and Re-Os dating of molybdenite
Published online 10 November 2020