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Åberg A. K., Kultti S., Kaakinen A., Eskola K. O., Salonen V.-P.
Weichselian sedimentary record and ice-flow patterns in the Sodankylä area, central Finnish Lapland
Published online 24 September 2020
Makkonen H. V., Tuisku P.
Geology and crystallization conditions of the Särkiniemi intrusion and related nickel-copper ore, central Finland – implications for depth of emplacement of 1.88 Ga nickel-bearing intrusions
Published online 24 September 2020
Niinikoski-Fußwinkel P., Purkamo L., Karhu J.
The effect of water pre-treatment with poly-aluminiumchloride on the decomposition of dissolved organic matter in managed aquifer recharge
Published online 9 September 2020