Volume 95 (1-2), 2023

Part 1

Nordbäck N. , Ovaskainen N., Markovaara-Koivisto M., Skyttä P., Ojala A., Engström J., Nixon C.
Multiscale mapping and scaling analysis of the censored brittle structural framework within the crystalline bedrock of southern Finland
Published online 10 February 2023
Sarala P.
Editorial: The 3rd PalaeoArc 2022 Conference in Finland
Published online 26 June 2023
Alatarvas R., Immonen N., Strand K.
Clay mineral and Nd, Pb, and Sr isotope provenance of a MIS 4-3 sediment record from the Lomonosov Ridge, central Arctic Ocean
Published online 25 April 2023
Lunkka J.P.
The morphostratigraphic imprint of the Baltic Ice Lake drainage event in southern Finland
Published online 15 May 2023

Part 2

Salminen, P. E., Kurhila, M.
New age constraints for metasedimentary rocks in southern Finland
Published online 26 September 2023
Järvinen, V., Karampelas, N., Rämö, T., Halkoaho, T., Törmänen, T., Mikkola, P., Lahaye, Y.
Secular change of tectonic setting in the Archean Takanen greenstone belt, northeastern Karelia Province, Fennoscandian Shield
Published online 12 December 2023
Edén, P., Boman, A., Mattbäck, S., Auri, J., Yli-Halla, M., Österholm, P.
Mapping, impacts, characterization and extent of acid sulfate soils in Finland
Published online 1 February 2024
Boman, A., Mattbäck, S., Becher, M., Yli-Halla, M., Sohlenius, G., Auri, J., Öhrling, C., Liwata-Kenttälä, P., Edén, P.
Classification of acid sulfate soils and soil materials in Finland and Sweden: Re-introduction of para-acid sulfate soils
Published online 1 February 2024