Volume 86 (1–2), 2014

Part 1

Selonen, O., Ehlers, C., Luodes, H., Härmä, P.
Exploration methods for granitic natural stones – geological and topographical aspects from case studies in Finland.
(Published online 22 March 2014)
Mikkola, P., Heilimo, E., Huhma, H.
Relationships between sanukitoids and crust-derived melts and their implications for the diversity of Neoarchaean granitoids: a case study from Surmansuo and nearby areas, Eastern Finland.
(Published online 11 April 2014)
Suikkanen, E., Huhma, H., Kurhila, M., Lahaye, Y.
The age and origin of the Vaasa migmatite complex revisited.
(Published online 9 June 2014)

Part 2

Donner, J., Sonninen, E., Karhu, J., Kotilainen, A.
A study of the stable carbon and oxygen isotope composition of recent shells of Mytilidae, especially of oxygen values in relation to temperature.
(Published online 9 June 2014)
Rämö, O.T., Turkki, V., Mänttäri, I., Heinonen, A., Larjamo, K., Lahaye, Y.
Age and isotopic fingerprints of some plutonic rocks in the Wiborg rapakivi granite batholith with special reference to the dark wiborgite of the Ristisaari Island.
(Published online 9 June 2014)
Nevalainen, J., Väisänen, M., Lahaye, Y., Heilimo, E., Fröjdö, S.
Svecofennian intra-orogenic gabbroic magmatism: a case study from Turku, southwestern Finland
(Published online 11 December 2014)