Volume 71 (1–2), 1999

Part 1

Korsman, K., Korja, T.
The Global Geoscience Transects Project in Finland.
Kähkönen, Y.
Stratigraphy of the central parts of the Palaeoproterozoic Tampere Schist Belt, southern Finland: review and revision.
Mouri, H., Korsman, K., Huhma, H.
Tectono-metamorphic evolution and timing of the melting processes in the Svecofennian Tonalite-Trondhjemite Migmatite Belt: An example from Luopioinen, Tampere area, southern Finland.
Nironen, M.
Structural and magmatic evolution in the Loimaa area, southwestern Finland.
Pajunen, M., Poutiainen, M.
Palaeoproterozoic prograde metasomatic-metamorphic overprint zones in Archaean tonalitic gneisses, eastern Finland.
Pietikäinen, K., Vaasjoki, M.
Structural observations and U-Pb mineral ages from igneous rocks at the Archaean-Palaeoproterozoic boundary in the Salahmi Schist Belt, central Finland: constraints on tectonic evolution.
Vaasjoki, M., Huhma, H.
Lead and neodymium isotopic results from metabasalts of the Haveri Formation, southern Finland: evidence for Palaeoproterozoic enriched mantle.
Vaasjoki, M., Taipale, K., Tuokko, I.
Radiometric ages and other isotopic data bearing on the evolution of Archaean crust and ores in the Kuhmo-Suomussalmi area, eastern Finland.
Väisänen, M., Hölttä, P.
Structural and metamorphic evolution of the Turku migmatite complex, southwestern Finland.

Part 2

Donner, J.
Weichselian glacial stratigraphy in Hyvinkää, southern Finland.
Elliott, B.A.
Colour masks in digital image analysis: a technique for modal analyses of quartz saturated plutonic rocks.
Karro, E.
Quality of bedrock groundwater in western Finland, with special reference to nitrogen compounds.
Konsa, M., Puura, V.
Provenance of zircon of the lowermost sedimentary cover, Estonia, East-European Craton.
Kosunen, P.
The rapakivi granite plutons of Bodom and Obbnäs, southern Finland: petrography and geochemistry.
Mäkitie, H.
Structural analysis and metamorphism of Palaeoproterozoic metapelites in the Seinäjoki-Ilmajoki area, western Finland.
Stel, H., van Rees, D., Schenke, B.
Strain analysis in the Orijärvi triangle, southwestern Finland; in perspective of tectonic models.
Rämö, T.
Sr isotopic composition of Finnish rapakivi granites: the Suomenniemi batholith.