Volume 49 (1–2), 1977

Part 1

Hamad, S. el D.
An experimental study of the water molecules in natrolite.
van Breemen, O., Bowes, D.R.
Rb—Sr muscovite age of a pegmatite near Sivakkavaara, Finland.
Persson, T.
Erosion channels and canyons in the central South Swedish Highlands — a short survey.
Donner, J.J., Simola, M.
Some ventifacts found near recent and fossil coastal dunes in Finland.
Aho, L.
Manganoan ilmenite from the Säviä ore deposit, Pielavesi, Central Finland.
von Knorring, O., Lehtinen, M., Sahama, Th.G.
Burangaite, a new phosphate mineral from Rwanda.
Piispanen, R.
A FORTRAN IV program for the calculation of the petrological Niggli-Barth norms — A brief communication.
Piispanen, R., Alapieti, T.
Uralitization — An example from Kuusamo, Finland.
Mozgova, N.N., Borodaev, Yu.S., Ozerova, N.A., Pääkkönen, V.
New minerals of the group of iron antimonides and arsenides from Seinäjoki deposits, Finland.
Gibbard, P.L.
Fossil tracks from varved sediments near Lammi, South Finland.
Siivola, J.
Baddeleyite — ZrO2 — from Lovasjärvi diabase, south-eastern Finland.
Saarnisto, M.
Deformational structures in the First Salpausselkä end moraine, Joutsenonkangas, south-eastern Finland.

Part 2

Piispanen, R.
Major element geochemistry of the granitic rocks.
Penttinen, U., Palosaari, V., Siura, T.
Selective dissolution and determination of sulphides in nickel ores by the bromine-methanol method.
Koljonen, T.
Selenium as an indicator element in geochemical exploration.
van Lamoen, H.
Microtextures and microintergrowths of irontitanium-aluminium oxide minerals in a magmatic tinaniferous iron ore from Attu island, southwestern Finland.
Laajoki, K., Lavikainen, S.
Rare-earth elements in the Archean iron formation and associated schists in Ukkolanvaara, Ilomantsi, SE Finland.
Piirainen, R., Alapieti, T., Hugg, R., Kerkkonen, O.
The marginal border group of the Porttivaara layered intrusion and related sulphide mineralization.
Piirainen, R., Alapieti, T.
A factor analysis study of the major element geochemistry of granitic rocks.
Burke, E.A.J., Lof, P., Hazebroek, H.P.
Nigerite from the Rosendal pegmatite and aplites, Kemiö island, southwestern Finland.
Carlson, L., Koljonen, T., Lahermo, P., Rosenberg, R.J.
Case study of a manganese and iron precipitate in a groundwater discharge in Somero, southwestern Finland.