Volume 44 (1–2), 1972

Part 1

Glückert, G., Kontturi, O.
On esker formations in Nousiainen, SW-Finland.
Soiniemi, L.
The classification of lake sediments based on color determinations.
Haapala, I., Ojanperä, P.
Magnetite and ilmenite from some Finnish rocks.
Boyd, W.W. Jr.
Diabase variation and genesis.
Welin, E., Lundström, I., Åberg, G.
Fission track studies on hornblende, biotite and phlogopite from Sweden.
Whitten, E.H.T.
Enigmas in assessing the composition of a rock unit: a case history based on the Malsburg Granite, SW. Germany.
Puustinen, K.
Richterite and actinolite from the Siilinjärvi carbonatite complex, Finland.
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Part 2

Edelman, N.
Amygdaloidal spilitic dikes in Houtskär, SW Finland.
v. Knorring, O., Sahama, Th.G., Lehtinen, M.
Mpororoite, a new secondary tungsten mineral from Uganda.
Kranck, E.H.
Remarks about the tectonics of the gneisses of central Baffin Island and the rise of the infrastructure.
Papunen, H., Lindsjö, O.
Apatite, monazite and allanite; three rare earth minerals from Korsnäs, Finland.
Seppälä, M.
Some remarks on the formation of scratch circles on wind-blown sand.
Vasari, Y., Koljonen, T., Laakso, K.
A case of manganese precipitate in the Taviharju esker, Kuusamo, North East Finland.
Mölder, K., Tynni, R.
Über Finnlands rezente und subfossile Diatomeen VI.