Volume 93 (1-2), 2021

Part 1

Eskola T., Kontio R., Lunkka J.P.
Comparison between modified LST Fastfloat and conventional HF methods for pollen preparation in highly minerogenic sediments
Published online 17 January 2021
Dalhem K., Mattbäck S., Boman A., Österholm P.
A simplified distillation-based sulfur speciation method for sulfidic soil materials
Published online 11 April 2021
Saresma M., Kosonen E., Ojala A.E.K., Kaskela A., Korkiala-Tanttu L.
Characterization of sedimentary depositional environments for land use and urban planning in Espoo, Finland
Published online 23 January 2021
Nikolaeva S.B., Rodkin M.V., Shvarev S.V.
Late Glacial and postglacial seismicity in the Northeastern Fennoscandian Shield: tectonic position and age of paleo-earthquakes near Murmansk
Published online 23 February 2021

Part 2

Hölttä P., Mänttäri I., Huhma H., Kurhila M., Ruotoistenmäki T., Kontinen A.
Growth of the Archean sialic crust as revealed by zircon in the TTGs in eastern Finland
Published online 17 November 2021
Mollehuara-Canales R., Afonin N., Kozlovskaya E., Lunkka J., Pedretti D.
Leveraging active-source seismic data in mining tailings: Refraction and MASW analysis, elastic parameters, and hydrogeological conditions
Published online 17 November 2021
Ranta J.-P., Cook N., Gilbricht S.
SEM-based automated mineralogy (SEM-AM) and unsupervised machine learning studying the textural setting and elemental association of gold in the Rajapalot Au-Co area, northern Finland
Published online 17 November 2021