Volume 84 (1–2), 2012

Part 1

Talviste, P., Hang, T., Kohv, M.
Glacial varves at the distal slope of Pandivere–Neva ice-recessional formations in western Estonia.
Saarse, L., Heinsalu, A., Veski, S., Amon, L., Gaidamavicius, A.
On the deglaciation chronology of the Palivere ice-marginal zone, northern Estonia.
Kalinska, E.
Geological setting and sedimentary characteristics of the coversands distributed in the western part of the Blonie glaciolacustrine basin (Central Poland) – preliminary results.
Lamsters, K.
Drumlins and related glaciogenic landforms of the Madliena Tilted Plain, Central Latvian Lowland.
Krotova-Putintseva, A.Y., Verbitskiy, V.R.
Preglacial geomorphology of the northern Baltic Lowland and the Valdai Hills, north-western Russia.
Dzieduszynska, D., Petera-Zganiacz, J.
Geologic position of the Younger Dryas subfossil forest in the Warta River valley, central Poland.

Part 2

Kyläkoski, M., Hanski, E., Huhma, H.
The Petäjäskoski Formation, a new lithostratigraphic unit in the Paleoproterozoic Peräpohja Belt, northern Finland.
Lauri, L.S., Andersen, T., Räsänen, J., Juopperi, H.
Temporal and Hf isotope geochemical evolution of southern Finnish Lapland from 2.77 Ga to 1.76 Ga.
Mäkitie, H., Sipilä, P., Kujala, H., Lingberg, A., Kotilainen, A.
Formation mechanism of the Vaasa Batholith in the Fennoscandian Shield: petrographic and geochemical constraints.
Selonen, O., Ehlers, C., Härmä, P., Nyman, R.
Natural stone deposits in an assemblage of subhorizontal intrusions - The Kuru granite batholith.