Volume 76 (1–2), 2004

Parts 1–2

Artimo, A., Salonen, V.-P., Pietilä, S., Saraperä, S.
Three-dimensional geologic modeling and groundwater flow modeling of the Töllinperä aquifer in the Hitura nickel mine area, Finland – providing the framework for restoration and protection of the aquifer.
Hakala, A., Salonen, V.-P.
The history of airborne lead and other heavy metals as revealed from sediments of Lake Vähä-Pitkusta, SW Finland.
Roberts, M.D., Oliver, N.H.S., Lahtinen, R.
Geology, lithogeochemistry and paleotectonic setting of the host sequence to the Kangasjärvi Zn-Cu deposit, central Finland: Implications for volcanogenic massive sulphide exploration in the Vihanti–Pyhäsalmi district.
Ehlers, C., Skiöld, T., Vaasjoki, M.
Timing of Svecofennian crustal growth and collisional tectonics in Åland, SW Finland.
Rutland, R.W.R., Williams, I.S., Korsman, K.
Pre-1.91 Ga deformation and metamorphism in the Palaeoproterozoic Vammala Migmatite Belt, southern Finland, and implications for Svecofennian tectonics.
Laajoki, K., Wanke, A.
On the age and stratigraphic position of the Niskavaara Formation, Posio, North Finland.