Volume 68 (1–2), 1996

Part 1

Vaasjoki, M., Pietikäinen, K., Vaarma, M.
U-Pb zircon determinations from the Keikyä Breccia and other cites in the Svecofennides: indications of a Svecokarelian protocrust.
Selonen, O., Ehlers, C.
The Orivesi granite batholith, Southern Central Finland – characteristics and emplacement.
Paarma, H., Vartiainen, H.
Utilization of remote sensing methods in prospecting of alkaline rocks in Finland and neighbouring areas.
Lunkka, J.P., Alhonen, P.
The development of a late Weichselian – early Holocene subaqueous ice-contact fan, Teikangas, SW Finland.
Aario, R., Peuraniemi, V.
Acidification of till in Northern Finland: experimental study.
Grönlund, T., Ikonen, L.
Early Weichselian biostratigraphy and vegetational development at Horonkylä, Pohjanmaa, Western Finland.
Lintinen, P.
Evidence for the former existence of a thicker ice sheet on the Vestfjella nunataks in western Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica.
Donner, J.
The Fennoscandian Shield within Fennoscandia.

Part 2

Selonen, O., Ehlers, C., Lindroos, A.
Structural features and emplacement of the late Svecofennian Perniö granite sheet in southern Finland.
Kinnunen, K.A.
Classification scheme for surface textures of gold nuggets from Finnish Lapland.
Jantunen, T., Donner, J.
The formation of raised beaches in southern Finland during the Ancylus and Litorina stages.
Jantunen, T.
The spatial distribution of potholes in Uusimaa, southern Finland.
Vuorela, I., Grönlund, T., Lempiäinen, T.
A reconstruction of the environment of Rettig in the city of Turku, Finland on the basis of diatom, pollen, plant macrofossil and phytolith analyses.
Donner, J.
On the origin and glacial transport of erratics of Jotnian sandstone in southwestern Finland.