Volume 67 (1, 1b and 2), 1995

Part 1

Poutiainen, M.
Fluids in the Siilinjärvi carbonatite complex, eastern Finland: Fluid inclusion evidence for the formation conditions of zircon and apatite.
Carlson, L.
Aluminum substitution in goethite in lake ore.
Donner, J.J., West, R.G.
Fluctuations of the Vestfonna ice margin at Brageneset, Nordaustlandet, Svalbard, after the last glacial maximum.
Sarmaja-Korjonen, K.
Pollen and charcoal analyses from Lake Etu-Mustajärvi, Southern Finland, with special reference to an early Holocene Urtica pollen maximum.
Lindroos, A., Lill, J.-O., Saarela, K.-E., Harju, L., Heselius, S.-J.
Determination of trace element profiles in coarse-grained minerals by external millibeam PIXE - A schorl tourmaline study.

Part 1b

Salonsaari, P.T.
Hybridization in the subvolcanic Jaala-Iitti complex and its petrogenetic relation to rapakivi granites and associated mafic rocks of southeastern Finland.

Part 2

Nõlvak, J., Meidla, T., Uutela, A.
Microfossils in the Ordovician erratic boulders from South-western Finland.
Yliruokanen, I. , Lehto, S.
The occurrence of rare earth elements in some Finnish mires.
Delusin, I., Donner, J.
Additional evidence of the Holocene transgression in Lake Ladoga on the basis of an investigation of the beach deposits on the island of Mantsinsaari.
Hirvas, H., Lintinen, P., Lunkka, J.P., Eriksson, B., Grönlund, T.
Sedimentation and lithostratigraphy of the Vuosaari multiple till sequence in Helsinki, southern Finland.
Donner, J., Delusin, I.
Late Weichselian periglacial features in south-eastern Finland and the surroundings of Lake Ladoga in Russia.
Kulikov, V.S.
Where is the southeastern boundary of Fennoscandia?