Volume 60 (1–2), 1988

Part 1

Hasegawa, H.S.
Neotectonics and inferred movements in Canada.
Lahti, S.I.
Occurrence and mineralogy of the margarite- and muscovite-bearing pseudomorphs after topaz in the Juurakko pegmatite, Orivesi, southern Finland.
Lahti, S.I., Suominen, V.
Occurrence, crystallography and chemistry of the fluocerite-bastnaesite-cerianite intergrowth from the Fjälskär granite, southwestern Finland.
Makkonen, H., Ekdahl, E.
Petrology and structure of the early Proterozoic Pirilä gold deposit in southeastern Finland.
Park, A.F.
A new section through the sub-Karelian unconformity at Niinivaara, Savo, eastern Finland.
Lindqvist, K., Suominen, V.
Cerussite from even-grained rapakivi, Saltvik, Åland Islands, SW Finland.

Part 2

Laajoki, K., Luukas, J.
Early Proterozoic stratigraphy of the Salahmi—Pyhäntä area, central Finland, with an emphasis on applying the principles of lithodemic stratigraphy to a complexly deformed and metamorphosed bedrock.
Halliday, A.N., Luukkonen, E.J., Bowes, D.R.
Rb-Sr whole-rock isotopic study of late Archaean and early Proterozoic granitoid intrusions, Kainuu, Eastern Finland.
Eilu, P., Idman, H.
Hydrothermal alteration in the lower part of an early Proterozoic greenstone complex at Palovaara, Enontekiö, northwestern Finland.
Vaasjoki, M., Pihlaja, P., Sakko, M.
The radiometric age of the Reposaari granite and its bearing on the extent of the Laitila rapakivi batholith in western Finland.
Suominen, V.
Radiometric ages on zircons from a cogenetic gabbro and plagioclase porphyrite suite in Hyvinkää, southern Finland.