Volume 58 (1–2), 1986

Part 1

Virkkala, K.
Suomen Geologisen Seuran historiikki 1886—1986. Summary: The history of the Geological Society of Finland 1886—1986.
Wickman, F.E.
Brögger in Stockholm 1881—1890, a seminal period of Nordic geology.
Glückert, G.
The First Salpausselkä at Lohja, southern Finland.
Alhonen, P.
Holocene lacustrine microfossils and environmental changes.
Hietanen, A.
Role of replacement in the genesis of anorthosite in the Boehls Butte area, Idaho.
Yoder, H.S. Jr., Chayes, F.
Linear alkali correlation in oceanic alkali basalts.
Seifert, F., Schumacher, J.C.
Cordierite-spinelquartz assemblages: A potential geobarometer.
Kähkönen, Y., Mattila, E. , Nuutilainen, J.
A revision of the Proterozoic-Archean boundary of the Northern Bothnian schist belt with a discussion of the geochemistry of related basic metavolcanics.
Gjelsvik, T., Elverhøi, A., Hjelle, A., Lauritzen, Ø., Salvigsen, O.
Status of the geological research in Svalbard and the Barents Sea.
Gaál, G.
2200 million years of crustal evolution: The Baltic shield.
Truscott, M.G., Shaw, D.M., Cramer, J.J.
Boron abundance and localization in granulites and the lower continental crust.
Laajoki, K.
The Central Puolanka Group — a Precambrian regressive metasedimentary sequence in northern Finland.
Neuvonen, K.J.
On the direction of remanent magnetization of the quartz porphyry dikes in SE Finland.
Nurmi, P.A., Haapala, I.
The Proterozoic granitoids of Finland: Granite types, metallogeny and relation to crustal evolution.
Edelman, N., Bergman, L., Lindberg, B.
An intrusive-like tectonic breccia in the archipelago of southwestern Finland.
Ojakangas, R.W.
An early Proterozoic metagraywake-slate turbidite sequence: The Tampere schist belt, southwestern Finland.
Ramdohr, P.
Die Metamorphose in der Uraninitfamilie.
Simonen, A.
Vivianite from Paakkila, Tuusniemi, Finland.
von Knorring, O., Condliffe, E., Tong, Y.L.
Some mineralogical and geochemical aspects of chromium-bearing skarn minerals from northern Karelia, Finland.
Kullerud, G.
Monoclinic Pyrrhotite.
Stephansson, O., Ångman, P.
Hydraulic fracturing stress measurements at Forsmark and Stidsvig, Sweden.
Niini, H.
Classification and development of bedrock resources in Finland.

Part 2

Ollila, J.T.
Origin of colour zoning in cassiterites from tin deposits within the Bushveld Complex, South Africa.
Kellomäki, A., Nieminen, P.
Adsorption of water on the fine fractions of Finnish tills.
Raukas, A.
Deglaciation of the Gulf of Finland and adjoining areas.
Grönlund, T.
Diatomite deposit in the basin of Lake Soijärvi, central Finland.
Lahti, S.I., Saikkonen, R.
Kunzite from the Haapaluoma pegmatite quarry, western Finland.
Malisa, E., Kinnunen, K., Koljonen, T.
Notes on fluid inclusions of vanadiferous zoisite (tanzanite) and green grossular in Merelani area, northern Tanzania.