Volume 57 (1–2), 1985

Parts 1–2

Neuvonen, K.J., Lehtinen, M.
Thure Georg Sahama in memoriam.
Tazieff, H.
Recent Activity at Nyiragongo and lava-lake occurrences.
Hertogen, J., Vanlerberghe, L., Namegabe, M.R.
Geochemical evolution of the Nyiragongo volcano (Virunga, Western African Rift, Zaire).
Vollmer, R., Nixon, P.H., Condliffe, E.
Petrology and geochemistry of a U and Th enriched nephelinite from Mt. Nyiragongo, Zaire: Its bearing on ancient mantle metasomatism.
Rehtijärvi, P., Saastamoinen, J.
Tectonized actinolite—albite rocks from the Outokumpu district, Finland: Field and geochemical evidence for mafic extrusive origin.
Saverikko, M.
The pyroclastic komatiite complex at Sattasvaara in northern Finland.
Jones, A.P., Smith, J.V.
Phlogopite and associated minerals from Permian minettes in Devon, South England.
Sørensen, H., Makovicky, M., Rose-Hansen, J.
Reconnaissance studies on the synthesis and stability of steenstrupine. Contribution to the mineralogy of Ilimaussaq no. 75.
Beran, A., Zemann, J.
Polarized absorption spectra of sellaite from the Brumado mine, Brazil, in the near infrared.
Tillmanns, E., Hofmeister, W., Petitjean, K.
Cornubite, Cu5(AsO4)2(OH)4, first occurrence of single crystals, mineralogical description and crystal structure.
Aurisicchio, C., Federico, M.
Nepheline — kalsilite microperthites in ejecta from the Alban Hills (Italy).
Dahanayake, K., Ranasinghe, A.P.
Geology and mineralogy of gemming terrains of Sri Lanka.
Fleischer, M.
A summary of the variations in relative abundance of the lanthanides and yttrium in allanites and epidotes.
Vitanage, P.W.
Tectonics and mineralization in Sri Lanka.
Hytönen, K., Hautala, T.
Aegirine and riebeckite of the alkali gneiss of Pikkukallio in the Honkamäki—Otanmäki region, Finland.
Törnroos, R.
Metamict zircon from Mozambique.
Gottardi, G., Alberti, A.
Silicon aluminium ordering in the framework of zeolites.
Lahti, S.I., Saikkonen, R.
Bityite 2M1 from Eräjärvi compared with related Li—Be brittle micas.
Černý, P., Pentinghaus, H., Macek, J.J.
Rubidian microcline from Red Cross Lake, northeastern Manitoba.