Volume 55 (1–2), 1983

Part 1

Borodaev, Yu.S., Bortnikov, N.S., Mozgova, N.N., Ozerova, N.A., Oivanen, P., Yletyinen, V.
Associations of ore minerals in the deposits of the Seinäjoki district and the discussion on the ore formation.
Vuorela, I.
Field erosion by wind as indicated by fluctuations in the ash content of Sphagnum peat.
Kinnunen, K.A., Saikkonen, R.
Kivesvaara C2 chondrite: silicate petrography and chemical composition.
Perttunen, V.
Orbicular quartz diorite in Kemi, NW Finland.
Vuorela, I.
Vohtenkellarinsuo, a bog in Paimio, SW Finland with a cultural origin.
Rainio, H.
The Tuupovaara end moraine in North Karelia, Eastern Finland – an ice-marginal formation of the same age as the Salpausselkä ridges.
Rehtijärvi, P.
REE patterns for apatites from Proterozoic phosphatic metasediments, Finland.

Part 2

Lehtovaara, J.J., Tynni, R.
Fossiliferous boulders of Lower Cambrian phosphoritic sandstone in southwestern Finland.
Lahti, S.I., Johanson, B., Virkkunen, M.
Contributions to the chemistry of tapiolite – manganotapiolite, a new mineral.
Saverikko, M.
The Kummitsoiva komatiite complex and its satellites in northern Finland.
Vuorinen, A., Uusinoka, R., Alhonen, P.
Stratigraphical studies on Lake Iidesjärvi sediments. Part II. Geochemical and mineralogical characteristics of the sedimentary sequence.
Kukkonen, I.T., Pesonen, L.J.
Classification of meteorites by petrophysical methods.
Edelman, N.
Boulder of orbicular rapakivi in Taivassalo, southwestern Finland.