Volume 46 (1–2), 1974

Part 1

Glückert, G.
Map of glacial striation of the Scandinavian ice sheet during the last (Weichsel) glaciation in northern Europe.
Tynni, R.
Microfossils in a specimen of Cambrian (?) sandstone from Karstula, Central Finland.
Koljonen, T.
Selenium in certain Finnish sediments.
Tamrazyan, G.P.
Total lake water resources of the planet.
Rouhunkoski, P., Isokangas, P.
The copper-gold vein deposit of Kivimaa at Tervola, N-Finland.
Glückert, G.
The Kuusamo drumlin field, northern Finland.
Glückert, G.
On deglaciation between Pieksämäki and Pielavesi in central Finland.
Mutanen, T.
Petrography and protoclastic structures of the orbiculite boulders from Sääkslahti, Toivakka, Finland and the magmatic genesis of orbiculites.
Neuvonen, K.J.
Paleolatitude and cause of the Svecokarelian orogeny.
Vartiainen, H., Woolley, A.R.
The age of the Sokli carbonatite, Finland, and some relationships of the North Atlantic alkaline igneous province.

Part 2

Piirainen, T., Hugg, R., Isohanni, M., Juopperi, A.
On the geotectonics and ore forming processes in the basic intrusive belts of Kemi-Suhanko, and Syöte-Näränkävaara, northern Finland.
Häkli, T.A., Ripatti, K.
Automation of a geoscan electron microprobe.
Núñez, M., Alhonen, P.
Scanning electron microscopic examination of the deposits covering the southeastern slope of the Onnenvuori hill in Lammi, southern Finland.
Glückert, G.
On Pleistocene glaciations in the German Alpine foreland.
Koljonen, T.
Behavior of selenium in silicic vein rocks and near granitic contacts.
Donner, J.J., Jungner, H.
Errors in the radiocarbon dating of deposits in Finland from the time of deglaciation.
Ehlers, C.
Layering in rapakivi granite, SW Finland.
Puustinen, K.
Dolomite exsolution textures in calcite from the Siilinjärvi carbonatite complex, Finland.
Piirainen, T., Honkamo, M., Rossi, S.
A preliminary report on the geology of the Koli area.
Nieminen, K., Yliruokanen, I.
Trace element analysis of granitic and radioactive rocks by spark source mass spectrometry with electrical detection.