Volume 40, 1968

Barth, T.F.W.
Petrology of continental rocks.
Edelman, N.
Raised shore terraces as the result of continuous regression.
Mikkola, A.K., Niini, H.
Structural position of ore-bearing areas in Finland.
Peltola, E., Vuorelainen, Y. , Häkli, T.A.
A chromian tourmaline from Outokumpu, Finland.
Peltola, E.
On some geochemical features in the black schists of the Outokumpu area, Finland.
Papunen, H.
On the sulfides in the sediments of the Bothnian Sea.
Lappalainen, R., Neuvonen, K.J.
Trace elements in some Finnish pegmatitic potassium feldspars.
Alhonen, P.
Radiocarbon ages from the bottom deposits of Lake Sarkkilanjärvi, south-western Finland.
Saarnisto, M.
The Flandrian history of Lake Höytiäinen, eastern Finland.
Lonka, A., Papunen, H.
Pyrite-bearing sandstone blocks, western Finland.
Gokhale, N.W.
Chemical composition of biotites as a guide to ascertain the origin of granites.
Tamrazyan, G.P.
Seismicity in Finland against a background of the cosmic conditions.
Repo, R., Winterhalter, B.G.L.
Some observations on the weathering of limestone in glaciogenic material in the Lohja region, SW-Finland.
Vuorelainen, Y., Häkli, T.A., Kataja, M.
A hydrated oxide of chromium as a pseudomorph after eskolaite, Outokumpu, Finland.
Ignatius, H., Kukkonen, E., Winterhalter, B.
Notes on a pyritic zone in upper Ancylus sediments from the Bothnian Sea.
Hytönen, K.
A preliminary report on an iron-rich formation near Raahe in the Gulf of Bothnia, Finland.
Sahama, Th.G., Lehtinen, M.
Bismutite of the granite pegmatites of Zambezia, Mozambique.
Mölder, R., Tynni, R.
Über Finnlands rezente und subfossile Diatomeen II.
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