Volume 82 (1–2), 2010

Part 1

Torvela, T., Ehlers, C.
Microstructures associated with the Sottunga-Jurmo shear zone and their implications for the 1.83–1.79 Ga tectonic development of SW Finland.
Hanski, E., Huhma, H., Vuollo, J.
SIMS zircon ages and Nd isotope systematics of the 2.2 Ga mafic intrusions in northern and eastern Finland.
Virtasalo, J.J., Kotilainen, A.T., Räsänen, M.E.
Definitions of Trollskär Formation and Sandön Formation in the Archipelago Sea, northern Baltic Sea.

Part 2

Donner, J.
The Younger Dryas age of the Salpausselkä moraines in Finland.
Mikkola, P., Kontinen A., Huhma, H., Lahaye, Y.
Three Paleoproterozoic A-type granite intrusions and associated dykes from Kainuu, East Finland.
Räisänen, M.L., Kauppila, P.M., Myöhänen, T.
Suitability of static tests for acid rock drainage assessment of mine waste rock.
Talikka, M., Vuori, S.
Geochemical and boron isotopic compositions of tourmalines from selected gold-mineralised and barren rocks in SW Finland.