Volume 81 (1–2), 2009

Part 1

Heilimo, E., Halla, J., Lauri, L.S., Rämö, O.T., Huhma, H., Kurhila, M.I., Front, K.
The Paleoproterozoic Nattanen-type granites in northern Finland and vicinity – a postcollisional oxidized A-type suite.
Pasanen, A.
Radar stratigraphy of the glaciotectonically deformed deposits in the Isoniemi area, Haukipudas, Finland.
Pitkäranta, R.
Pre-late Weichselian podzol soil, permafrost features and lithostratigraphy at Penttilänkangas, western Finland.

Part 2

Lehtonen, M., O'Brien, H.
Mantle transect of the Karelian Craton from margin to core based on P-T data from garnet and clinopyroxene xenocrysts in kimberlites.
Barnes, S.J., Makkonen, H.V., Dowling, S.E., Hill, R.E.T., Peltonen, P.
The 1.88 Ga Kotalahti and Vammala nickel belts, Finland: geochemistry of the mafic and ultramafic metavolcanic rocks.
Zozulya, D.R., O'Brien, H., Peltonen, P., Lehtonen, M.
Thermobarometry of mantle-derived garnets and pyroxenes of Kola region (NW Russia): lithosphere composition, thermal regime and diamond prospectivity.