Volume 77 (1–2), 2005

Part 1

Hanski, E., Huhma, H., Perttunen, V.
SIMS U-Pb, Sm-Nd isotope and geochemical study of an arkosite-amphibolite suite, Peräpohja Schist Belt: evidence for ca. 1.98 Ga A-type felsic magmatism in northern Finland.
Lehtonen, M.
Rare earth element characteristics of pyrope garnets from the Kaavi-Kuopio kimberlites – implications for mantle metasomatism.
Laajoki, K.
The Mesoproterozoic sub-Heddersvatnet unconformity, Telemark, South Norway.
Selonen, O., Ehlers, C., Luodes, H., Lerssi, J.
The Vehmaa rapakivi granite batholith – an assemblage of successive intrusions indicating a piston-type collapsing centre.

Part 2

Sarala, P.
Weichselian stratigraphy, geomorphology and glacial dynamics in southern Finnish Lapland.
Kurhila, M., Vaasjoki, M., Mänttäri, I., Rämö, T., Nironen, M.
U-Pb ages and Nd isotope characteristics of the lateorogenic, migmatizing microcline granites in southwestern Finland.
Skyttä, P., Käpyaho, A., Mänttäri, I.
Supracrustal rocks in the Kuovila area, Southern Finland: structural evolution, geochemical characteristics and the age of volcanism.
Torvela, T., Annersten, H.
PT-conditions of deformation within the Palaeoproterozoic South Finland shear zone: some geothermobarometric results.
Talikka, M., Mänttäri, I.
Pukala intrusion, its age and connection to hydrothermal alteration in Orivesi, southwestern Finland.