Volume 74 (1–2), 2002

Parts 1–2

McLemore, V.T., Dunbar, N., Kosunen, P.J., Rämö, O.T., Heizler, M., Haapala, I.
Geology and geochemistry of the Redrock Granite and anorthosite xenoliths (Proterozoic) in the northern Burro Mountains, Grant County, New Mexico, USA.
Müller, A., Seltmann, R.
Pagioclase-mantled K-feldspar in the Carboniferous porphyritic microgranite of Altenberg-Frauenstein, Eastern Erzgebirge / Krušné Hory.
Neiva, A.M.R.
Portuguese granites associated with Sn-W and Au mineralizations.
Frindt, S., Poutiainen, M.
P-T path fluid evolution in the Gross Spitzkoppe granite stock, Namibia.
Lukkari, S.
Petrography and geochemistry of the topaz-bearing granite stocks in Artjärvi and Sääksjärvi, western margin of the Wiborg rapakivi granite batholith.
Wang, X., Wang, T., Haapala, I., Lu, X.
The Shahewan rapakivi-textured granite-quartz monzonite pluton, Qinling orogen, central China: mineral composition and petrogenetic significance.
Dobnikar, M., Dolenec, T., Bellieni, G.
Rapakivi texture in porphyritic dikes within the Karavanke Granitic Massif (Slovenia).
Eerola, T.T.
Mafic-silicic magma interaction in the layered 1.87 Ga Soukkio Complex in Mäntsälä, southern Finland.
Väisänen, M., Mänttäri, I.
1.90–1.88 Ga arc and back-arc basin in the Orijärvi area, SW Finland.