Volume 69 (1–2), 1997

Parts 1–2

Nykänen, J., Laajoki, K., Karhu, J.
Geology and Geochemistry of the Early Proterozoic Kortejärvi and Laivajoki Carbonatites, Central Fennoscandian Shield, Finland.
Alhonen, P., Mantere-Alhonen, S., Vuorinen, A.
Preliminary observations on the metal content in some milk samples from an acid geoenvironment.
Miettinen, A., Hyvärinen, H.
Stratigraphical evidence of Baltic water level changes between 8 and 6 ka BP in a small lake basin on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, SE Finland.
Donner, J., Koivisto, M.
Changes in the Periglacial Environment.
Lintinen, P., Nenonen, J.
Water-soluble chemistry and weathering characteristics of some tills in Western Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica.
Seppälä, M.
Introduction to the periglacial environment in Finland.
Seppälä, M.
Distribution of permafrost in Finland.
Kejonen, A.
Permafrost and patterned grounds in Finland – periglacial or something else.
Niini, H., Marcos, N., Ruskeeniemi, T.
Periglacial phenomena affecting nuclear waste disposal.
Vasari, Y., Vasari, A., Bondestam, K.
The periglacial vegetation in Finnish Karelia.