Volume 66 (1–2), 1994

Part 1

Liipo, J., Vuollo, J., Nykänen, V., Piirainen, T.
Chrome spinel compositions as evidence for an Archaean ophiolite in the Kuhmo greenstone belt in Finland.
Räisänen, M.L., Pulkkinen, E., Kontio, M.
Alteration of podzolized tills by acid load near Ni-Cu smelters at Monchegorsk, Kola Peninsula, Russia.
Nironen, M.
Structural control and (re)mobilization of the extinct Haveri Au-Cu deposit, southern Finland.
West, R.G., Donner, J.J., Kankainen, T.
A note on a thermokarst feature on the North Slope of Alaska.

Part 2

Eriksson, B., Kujansuu, R.
Late Pleistocene pollen flora with Larix from till-covered esker at Hietamäki, Ostrobothnia, western Finland.
Huttunen, A., Huttunen, R.-L., Ekman, I., Eskonen, K., Koutaniemi, L., Vasari, Y.
Microfossil sequences in Ilponlampi, a small lake in northern Russian Karelia.
Mäkelä, E., Sarmaja-Korjonen, K., Hyvärinen, H.
Holocene forest history of the Pöyrisjärvi area north of the coniferous tree line in western Finnish Lapland: a pollen stratigraphical study.
Lindholm, M., Meriläinen, J.
Growing season thermal climate reconstructed at six pine stands in northern Lapland.
Zetterberg, P., Eronen, M., Briffa, K.R.
Evidence on climatic variability and prehistoric human activities between 165 B.C. and A.D. 1400 derived from subfossil Scots pines (Pinus sylvestris L.) found in a lake in Utsjoki, northernmost Finland.
Vuorela, I.
Palynological investigations in the old town of Helsinki.
Hicks, S., Grönlund, E.
The European pollen Database: A brief review.