Volume 65 (1–2), 1993

Part 1

Elo, S., Kuivasaari, T., Lehtinen, M., Sarapää, O., Uutela, U.
Iso-Naakkima, a circular structure filled with Neoproterozoic sediments, Pieksämäki, southeastern Finland.
Mendis, D.P.J., Rupasinghe, M.S., Dissanayake, C.B.
Application of structural geology in exploration for residual gem deposits of Sri Lanka.
Virtanen, K.
Geology of the Pitkäslähde spring, western Finland, and the enrichment of elements from groundwater to peat.
Hutri, K.-L., Mäkeläinen, I.
Indoor radon in houses built on gravel and sand deposits in southern Finland.
Saikkonen, R.J., Rautiainen, I.A.
Determination of ferrous iron in rock and mineral samples by three volumetric methods.

Part 2

Ihalainen, P.
Methods applied in determining the variations of strength and srtucture of plutonic rock material exposed to artificial weathering treatment.
Makkonen, H.T., Laajoki, K., Devaraju, T.C.
Mineral chemistry of clinopyroxene and feld spars in the Neoproterozoic alkaline dykes of the Bangalore district, Karnataka, India.
Kuroda, Y., Yamada, T., Yamaguchi, Y., Sato, H., Wake, Y., Matsuo, S.
Crustal development in relation to granitic magmatism in regard to D/H partition between coexisting hornblende and biotite in the Svecofennian belt.
Sveshnikov, K.I., Sukhorukov, Yu.T., Pashkevich, I.K., Krasovsky, S.S.
Anorogenic granitoids of the Early Precambrian magmatism of the Ukrainian shield.
Esipchuk, K.Ye., Sheremet, Ye.M., Sveshnikov, K.I.
Rare metal granites and related rocks of the Ukrainian shield.