Volume 64 (1–2), 1992

Part 1

Poutiainen, M.
Fluid inclusions in rocks of the Archean high-grade Varpaisjärvi-Lapinlahti area, Central Finland.
Fransolet, A.-M., von Knorring, O., Fontan, F.
A new occurrence of samuelsonite in the Buranga pegmatite, Rwanda.
Mäkelä, J., Illmer, K.
Refraction seismic soundings on three crag and tail ridges in Central Finland.
Räisänen, M.L., Tenhola, M., Mäkinen, J.
Relationship between mineralogy and the physico-chemical properties of till in central Finland.
Mäkinen, J.
The relation between unit weight and geochemical and mineralogical compositions in the fine fraction of till.
Nironen, M., Front, K.
The 1.88 Ga old Mäntylä complex, central Finland: emplacement and deformation of mafic to felsic plutonic rocks and associated Mo mineralization.
Park, A.F.
Metagabbros, metasyenites and related rocks in the Outokumpu assemblage, east Finland.
Karhu, J., O'Brien, H.
Microfossil-like tourmaline microlites in early Proterozoic nodular chert at Kiihtelysvaara, eastern Finland.
Vuorela, I.
Book review: Estonia: nature, man and cultural heritage pact 37, 1992.

Part 2

Gibbard, P.L.
Formal stratigraphy in the Pleistocene of Finland.
Eronen, M.
Quaternary chronostratigraphy — a review.
Nenonen, K.
Till stratigraphy in southern and western Finland.
Kujansuu, R.
Palaeosols as Quaternary stratigraphic key horizons in Ostrobothnia, western Finland.
Aalto, M., Eriksson, B., Hirvas, H.
Naakenavaara Interglacial — a till-covered peat deposit in western Finnish Lapland.
Olander, H.
Subfossil chironomid stratigraphy of a small acid lake in southern Finland.
Winterhalter, B.
Late-Quaternary stratigraphy of Baltic Sea sediments — a review.