Volume 61 (1–2), 1989

Part 1

Papunen, H.
Abstracts, 5th International Platinum Symposium, IAGOD Commission on Ore Deposits in Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks.
Laajoki, K., Strand, K., Härmä, P.
Lithostratigraphy of the early Proterozoic Kainuu Schist Belt in the Kurkikylä-Siikavaara area, northern Finland, with emphasis on the genetic approach.
Vuollo, J., Piirainen, T.
Mineralogical evidence for an ophiolite from the Outokumpu serpetinites in North Karelia, Finland.
Viladkar, S.G., Pawaskar, P.B.
Rare earth element abundances in carbonatites and fenites of the Newania complex, Rajasthan, India.
Idman, H.
The Siipyy granite — a new rapakivi occurrence in Finland.

Part 2

Stel, H., Veenhof, R., Huizenga, J.M., Timmerman, M., Hartsink, J.M.H.
Infra-supra structure relations of a microcline-granite dome in the Somero area, Svecofennides, SW Finland.
Engel, W.W., Diez, G.-J.
A modified stratigraphy and tectono-magmatic model for the Suomussalmi Greenstone Belt, eastern Finland, based on the re-mapping of the Ala-Luoma area.
Luukkonen, E.J.
The early Proterozoic Saari-Kiekki greenstone belt: A representative of the Sariola Group at Kuhmo, Eastern Finland.
Lehtovaara, J.J.
Tectonostratigraphic position of the Finnish Caledonides at the Fennoscandian margin of the northern Scandes.
Kinnunen, K.A.
Determination of total contents of fluid inclusions in quartz using modal analysis: Examples from Proterozoic rocks and ore deposits in Finland.
Peltoniemi, H., Eriksson, B., Grönlund, T., Saarnisto, M.
Marjamurto, an interstadial site in a till covered esker area of central Ostrobothnia, western Finland.