Volume 54 (1–2), 1982

Parts 1–2

Lauerma, R.
Eugène Wegmann 1896–1982
Lahti, S.I., Kallio, P., von Knorring, O.
The composition, physical properties and occurrence of eucryptite from the Haapaluoma pegmatite, Finland.
Söderholm, K., Inkinen, O.
The Tornio layered intrusion – a recently discovered intrusion with chromitite horizons in Northern Finland.
Perttunen, M., Hirvas, H.
An attempt to use the roundness of quartz grains for till stratigraphy.
Lehtovaara, J.J.
Stratigraphical section through Lower Cambrian at Söderfjärden, Vaasa, western Finland.
Koutaniemi, L.
Peculiarity of certain organic deposits within the fluvial environment of the Oulanka valley, northeastern Finland.
Tynni, R.
New results of studies on the fossils in the Lower Cambrian sediment deposit of the Söderfjärden.
Kinnunen, K.A.
Primary sedimentary features in Kittilä jasper, Finnish Lapland.
Törnroos, R.
Composition of metamict zircon from Mozambique.
Lauerma, R.
On the ages of some granitoid and schist complexes in northern Finland.