Volume 52 (1–2), 1980

Part 1

Papunen, H.
Thompson, J.F.H., Nixon, F., Sivertsen, R.
The geology of the Vakkerlien nickel prospect, Kvikne, Norway.
Grundström, L.
The Laukunkangas nickel - copper occurrence in southeastern Finland.
Papunen, H., Mäkelä, M.
Sulfur isotopes in Finnish nickel-copper occurrences.
Hanski, E.
Komatiitic and tholeiitic metavolcanics of the Siivikkovaara area in the Archean Kuhmo greenstone belt, eastern Finland.
Gaál, G.
Geological setting and intrusion tectonics of the Kotalahti nickel-copper deposit, Finland.
Papunen, H.
The Kylmäkoski nickel-copper deposit in south-western Finland.

Part 2

Verhoff, P.N.W., Dietvorst, E.J.L.
Structural analysis of differentiated schists and gneisses in the Taalintehdas area, Kemiö Island, southwest Finland.
Raitala, J.
Bulk components in lunar rocks.
Mäkipää, H.T.
Partitioning of chromium, manganese, cobalt and nickel between olivine and basaltic liquid: an experimental study.
Alhonen, P., Kokkonen, J., Matiskainen, H., Vuorinen, A.
Applications of AAS, diatom analysis and stylistic studies on Finnish Subneolithic pottery.
Hyvärinen, H.
Relative sea-level changes near Helsinki, southern Finland, during early Litorina times.
Lindqvist, K., Laitakari, I.
Glass and amygdules in Precambrian diabases from Orivesi, southern Finland.