Volume 51 (1–2), 1979

Parts 1–2

Fediuková, E., Suk, M.
An example of migmatite origin by dehydrating metamorphism.
Edelman, N.
Schistosity of cutting pegmatites and its relation to the fold phases in Sälsö, southwestern Finland.
Ehlers, C.
The »Bockholm conglomerate» — an intrusive breccia in Åland, SW Finland.
Pesonen, L.J.
Paleomagnetism of Late Precambrian Keweenawan igneous and baked contact rocks from Thunder Bay district, northern Lake Superior.
Donner, J., Jungner, H., Kurtén, B.
Radiocarbon dates of mammoth finds in Finland compared with radiocarbon dates of Weichselian and Eemian deposits.
Bergman, L., Lindberg, B.
Phanerozoic veins of galena in the Åland rapakivi area, southwestern Finland.
Talvitie, J.
Remote sensing and geobotanical prospecting in Finland.
Rehtijärvi, P., Kinnunen, K.A.
Fluid and mineral inclusions and inclusion zones of cave calcite from Korsnäs Mine, western Finland.
Lindqvist, K., Rehtijärvi, P.
Pyrochlore from the Sokli carbonatite complex, Northern Finland.
Mäkipää, H.
Crystallization history of some postmetamorphic diabases in Åland, Häme and Satakunta, Finland. A theoretical and experimental study.
Mäkipää, H.
Contribution to the Fe2O3/FeO determination in basaltic rocks.
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