Volume 48 (1–2), 1976

Parts 1–2

Paavola, J.
On the metamorphism of the Haukivesi area.
Huhma, A.
New aspects to the geology of the Outokumpu region.
Saarnisto, M., Uusinoka, R.
Note on a clay deposit at Pienempi Kuivajärvi, Finnish Lapland.
Halbach, P.
Mineralogical and geochemical investigations on Finnish lake ores.
Hopgood, A.M., Bowes, D.R., Addison, J.
Structural development of migmatites near Skåldö, southwest Finland.
Hytönen, K., Ojanperä, P.
Four tremolites from carbonate rocks of Finland.
Mäkelä, K.
On the stratigraphy and petrography of the Tuomivaara iron formation in Sotkamo, northern Finland.
Seppälä, M.
Stone roundness of moraines connected with Taku Glacier, southeastern Alaska.
Hiltunen, A., Tontti, M.
The stratigraphy and tectonics of the Rautuvaara iron ore district, northern Finland.
Koljonen, T., Lahermo, P., Carlson, L.
Origin, mineralogy, and chemistry of manganiferous and ferruginous precipitates found in sand and gravel deposits in Finland.
Rainio, H., Lahermo, P.
Observations on dark grey basal till in Finland.