Volume 47 (1–2), 1975

Parts 1–2

Bowes, D.R.
Scotland—Finland Precambrian correlations.
Korsman, K.
Distribution of cobalt, vanadinium and chromium between coexisting biotite and garnet in granulite facies rock samples.
Korhonen, H., Porkka, M.T.
Seismic soundings at the Muhos formation.
Koljonen, T.
Behavior of selenium and sulfur in Svecokarelian sulfide-rich rocks.
Seppälä, M.
Influence of rock jointing on the asymmetric form of the Ptarmigan Glacier valley, south-eastern Alaska.
Glückert, G.
The Second Salpausselkä at Karkkila, southern Finland.
Häkli, T.A., Huhma, M., Viluksela, E., Vuorelainen, Y.
A minor Ni-Cu-deposit at Telkkälä, SE-Finland.
Yliruokanen, I.
Uranium, thorium, lead, lanthanoids and yttrium in some plants growing on granitic and radioactive rocks.
Donner, J.J., Jungner, H.
Radiocarbon dating of salt water found in wells drilled into the bedrock in the coastal area of Finland.
Laajoki, K.
On the stratigraphic position of kaolin in Väyrylänkylä, South Puolanka area, Finland.
Laajoki, K.
Rare-earth elements in Precambrian iron formations in Väyrylänkylä, South Puolanka area, Finland.
Neuvonen, K.J.
Magnetic orientation of the Jatulian magmatism in eastern Finland. A preliminary note.
Sakko, M., Laajoki, K.
Whole rock Pb—Pb isochron age for the Pääkkö iron formation in Väyrylänkylä, South Puolanka area, Finland.
Zelt, G.A.D.
Data for some African columbite-tantalite specimens.
Koljonen, T., Rosenberg, R.J.
Rare Earth Elements in Middle Precambrian Volcanic Rocks of Finland, with a Discussion of the Origin of the Rocks.
Piirainen, T.
The Svecokarelian orogenic cycle and related metallogenesis in Finland.
Hugg, R., Isohanni, M., Koivumaa, S., Löytynoja, M., Piirainen, T.
An ADP-based mapping system for investigations of layered intrusions in Koillismaa area, north-eastern Finland.
Kresten, P., Edelman, N.
A boulder of Ouachitite from Inderskär, Åland Islands, Finland.
Punakivi, K., Ericsson, T., Wäppling, R.
Clay mineral fractions studied by Mössbauer spectroscopy and conventional methods.
Alhonen, P., Koljonen, T., Lahermo, P., Uusinoka, R.
Ferruginous concretions around root channels in clay and fine sand deposits.