Volume 41, 1969

Aario, R., Castrén, V.
The northern discharge channel of ancient Päijänne and the palaeohydrology of the Atlantic period.
Piirainen, T.
Initialer Magmatismus und seine Erzbildung in der Beleuchtung des Koli-Kaltimogebiets.
von Knorring, O., Vorma, A., Nixon, P.H.
Rankamaite, a new tantalum mineral from Kivu, Congo.
Neuvonen, K.J., Grundström, L.
Paleomagnetism of the dike systems in Finland IV: Remanent magnetization of the dolerite and related dikes in the Åland archipelago.
v. Knorring, O., Sahama, Th.G., Lehtinen, M.
Ferroan wodginite from Ankole, south-west Uganda.
v. Knorring, O., Sahama, Th.G., Lehtinen, M.
A note on grandidierite from Fort Dauphin, Madagascar.
v. Knorring, O., Sahama, Th.G., Lehtinen, M.
Scandian ixiolite from Mozambique and Madagascar.
v. Knorring, O., Sahama, Th.G., Lehtinen, M.
Kornerupine-bearing gneiss from Inanakafy near Betroka, Madagascar.
Siivola, J.
On the evaporation of some alkali metals during the electron microprobe analyses.
Haapala, I., Laajoki, K.
A study of isotropic-pseudoanisotropic zoning in sphalerite.
Haapala, I., Ojanperä, P.
Triplite and wolframite from a greisen-bordered veinlet in Eurajoki, SW Finland.
Laurén, L.
On magnetite-bearing pegmatites in SE Sottunga, Åland Islands.
Haapala, I., Ervamaa, P., Löfgren, A., Ojanperä, P.
An occurrence of monazite in Puumala, eastern Finland.
Kalliokoski, J., Cathles L.
Morphology, mode of formation, and diagenetic changes in framboids.
Donner, J.J.
Land/sea level changes in southern Finland during the formation of the Salpausselkä endmoraines.
Papunen, H.
Possible impact metamorphic textures in the erratics of the Lake Sääksjärvi area in southwestern Finland.
Alhonen, P., Haavisto, M.-L.
The biostratigraphical history of Lake Otalampi in southern Finland, with special reference to the remains of subfossil midge fauna.
Seppälä, M.
On the grain size and roundness of wind-blown sands in Finland as compared with some Central European samples.
Glückert, G.
Zwei neue Fundorte der Karbonatkonkretionen im Erdboden Südfinnlands.
Mäkelä, K.
Wavellite from Kittilä, Finnish Lapland.
Matisto, A.
On the microfossils of Corycium enigmaticum.
Repo, R., Tynni, R.
Morphologisch-stratigraphische Grundzüge des östlichen Salpausselkä-Gebiets.
Clark, A.H.
Sulphurization of cordierite, Minas da Panasqueira, Portugal.
Mölder, K., Tynni, R.
Über Finnlands rezente und subfossile Diatomeen III.