Suomen Geologinen Seura -
Geologiska Sällskapet i Finland
The Geological Society of Finland

Volume 90 (1–2), 2018

Part 1

Luolavirta K., Hanski E., Maier W. and Santaguida F.
Characterization and origin of dunitic rocks in the Ni-Cu-(PGE) sulfide ore-bearing Kevitsa intrusion, northern Finland: whole-rock and mineral chemical constraints
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(Published online 31 October 2017)
Electronic Appendix A (PDF file, 623 KB)
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Electronic Appendix C (Excel file, 17.7 KB)

Solismaa S., Ismailov A., Karhu M., Sreenivasan H., Lehtonen M., Kinnunen P., Illikainen M. and Räisänen M.L.
Valorization of Finnish mining tailings for use in the ceramics industry
PDF (2.23 MB)
(Published online 5 March 2018)
Electronic Appendix A (Excel file, 30.5 KB)

Mäkelä S.
2.5D open source modeling of rock aggregate resources in the Helsinki metropolitan area
PDF (2.25 MB)
(Published online 24 April 2018)

Ranta J.-P., Molnár F., Hanski E. and Cook N.
Epigenetic gold occurrence in a Paleoproterozoic meta-evaporitic sequence in the Rompas-Rajapalot Au system, Peräpohja belt, northern Finland
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(Published online 9 May 2018)
Electronic Appendix A (Excel file, 43.0 KB)
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Konnunaho J.P., Hanski E.J., Karinen T.T., Lahaye Y. and Makkonen H.V.
The petrology and genesis of the Paleoproterozoic mafic intrusion-hosted Co-Cu-Ni deposit at Hietakero, NW Finnish Lapland
PDF (2.31 MB)
(Published online 24 May 2018)

Part 2

Special Issue: Late Pleistocene, last deglaciation and post-glacial processes in the centre of northern Fennoscandia

Sarala P.
Editorial: INQUA Peribaltic Working Group Excursion and Meeting – active cooperation between Quaternary researchers in the Baltic Sea region
PDF (587 KB)
(Published online 13 December 2018)

Woronko B., Belzyt S., Bujak Ł. and Pisarska-Jamroży M.
Glaciotectonically deformed glaciofluvial sediments with ruptured pebbles (the Koczery study site, E Poland)
PDF (2.71 MB)
(Published online 24 May 2018)

Woźniak P.P., Pisarska-Jamroży M. and Elwirski Ł.
Orientation of gravels and soft-sediment clasts in subaqueous debrites – implications for palaeodirection reconstruction: case study from Puck Bay, northern Poland
PDF (2.27 MB)
(Published online 3 May 2018)

Forysiak J.
The diversity of geomorphological features of peatland basins in Central Poland and its paleoecological significance – a review
PDF (811 KB)
(Published online 14 June 2018)

Nitychoruk J., Zbucki Ł., Rychel J., Woronko B. and Marks L.
Extent and dynamics of the Saalian ice-sheet margin in Neple, eastern Poland
PDF (2.04 MB)
(Published online 13 December 2018)

Forysiak J., Majecka A., Marks L. and Okupny D.
Eemian to Early Weichselian organic deposits in the watershed kettle-hole basins in central Poland
PDF (462 kB)
(Published online 13 December 2018)

Dzieduszyńska D.A. and Petera-Zganiacz J.
Small-scale geologic evidence for Vistulian decline cooling periods: case studies from the Łódź Region (Central Poland)
PDF (2.06 MB)
(Published online 14 June 2018)

Rychel J., Woronko B., Blaszkiewicz M. and Karasiewicz T.
Aeolian processes records within last glacial limit are as based on the Płock Basin case (Central Poland)
PDF (793 KB)
(Published online 1 November 2018)

Nenonen K., Johansson P., Sallasmaa O., Sarala P. and Palmu J.-P.
The inselberg landscape in Finnish Lapland: a morphological study based on the LiDAR data interpretation
PDF (2.50 MB)
(Published online 14 June 2018)

Shvarev S.V., Nikonov A.A., Rodkin M.V. and Poleshchuk A.V.
The active tectonics of the Vuoksi Fault Zone in the Karelian Isthmus: parameters of paleoearthquakes estimated from bedrock and softsediment deformation features
PDF (3.82 MB)
(Published online 13 December 2018)

Subetto D.A., Shvarev S.V., Nikonov A.A., Zaretskaya N.E., Poleshchuk A.V. and Potakhin M.S.
New evidence of the Vuoksi River origin by geodynamic cataclysm
PDF (2.93 MB)
(Published online 14 June 2018)

Poleshchuk A., Zykov D. and Shvarev S.
Some features of deformation structures in an esker on the southern margin of the Fennoscandian shield
PDF (1.74 MB)
(Published online 13 December 2018)

Zaretskaya N.E., Panin A.V. and Karpukhina N.V.
The SIS limits and related proglacial events in the Severnaya Dvina basin, northwestern Russia: review and new data
PDF (3.72 MB)
(Published online 1 November 2018)

Rusakov A., Sorokin P., Golyeva A., Savelieva L., Rusakova E. and Safronov S.
Soils of a medieval burial mound as a paleoenvironmental archive (Leningrad region, Northwest Russia)
PDF (1.29 MB)
(Published online 1 November 2018)