Suomen Geologinen Seura -
Geologiska Sällskapet i Finland
The Geological Society of Finland

Volume 90 (1), 2018

Part 1

Luolavirta K., Hanski E., Maier W. and Santaguida F.
Characterization and origin of dunitic rocks in the Ni-Cu-(PGE) sulfide ore-bearing Kevitsa intrusion, northern Finland: whole-rock and mineral chemical constraints
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(Published online 31 October 2017)
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Solismaa S., Ismailov A., Karhu M., Sreenivasan H., Lehtonen M., Kinnunen P., Illikainen M. and Räisänen M.L.
Valorization of Finnish mining tailings for use in the ceramics industry
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(Published online 5 March 2018)
Electronic Appendix A (Excel file, 30.5 KB)

Mäkelä S.
2.5D open source modeling of rock aggregate resources in the Helsinki metropolitan area
PDF (2.25 MB)
(Published online 24 April 2018)

Ranta J.-P., Molnár F., Hanski E. and Cook N.
Epigenetic gold occurrence in a Paleoproterozoic meta-evaporitic sequence in the Rompas-Rajapalot Au system, Peräpohja belt, northern Finland
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(Published online 9 May 2018)
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Konnunaho J.P., Hanski E.J., Karinen T.T., Lahaye Y. and Makkonen H.V.
The petrology and genesis of the Paleoproterozoic mafic intrusion-hosted Co-Cu-Ni deposit at Hietakero, NW Finnish Lapland
PDF (2.31 MB)
(Published online 24 May 2018)