Suomen Geologinen Seura -
Geologiska Sällskapet i Finland
The Geological Society of Finland

Volume 87 (1–2), 2015

Part 1

Beucher, A., Fröjdö, S., Österholm, P., Auri, J., Martinkauppi, A. and Edén, P.
Assessment of acid sulfate soil mapping utilizing chemical indicators in recipient waters
PDF (1.77 MB)
(Published online 10 March 2015)

Rämö, O.T. and Mänttäri, I.
Geochronology of the Suomenniemi rapakivi granite complex revisited: Implications of point-specific errors on zircon U-Pb and refined λ87 on whole-rock Rb-Sr
PDF (3.96 MB)
(Published online 14 August 2015)

Part 2

Howett, P., Salonen, V.-P., Hyttinen, O., Korkka-Niemi, K. and Moreau, J.
A hydrostratigraphical approach to support environmentally safe siting of a mining waste facility at Rautuvaara, Finland
PDF (4.11 MB)
(Published online 5 November 2015)

Järvelill, J.-I., Kleesment, A. and Raukas, A.
Accumulation of heavy minerals in the eastern coast of the Gulf of Riga, south-western Estonia
PDF (1.52 MB)
(Published online 12 December 2015)

Barkov, A.Y., Nikiforov, A.A. and Martin, R.F.
A novel mechanism of spheroidal weathering: a case study from the Monchepluton layered complex, Kola Peninsula, Russia
PDF (3.18 MB)
(Published online 12 December 2015)

Karušs, J. and Bērziņš, D.
Ground-penetrating radar study of the Cena Bog, Latvia: linkage of reflections with peat moisture content
PDF (2.88 MB)
(Published online 12 December 2015)