Suomen Geologinen Seura -
Geologiska Sällskapet i Finland
The Geological Society of Finland

Volume 85 (1–2), 2013

Part 1: 11th Colloquium on Baltic Sea Marine Geology, Baltic 2012, Proceedings Volume

Vassiljev, J. and Saarse, L.
Timing of the Baltic Ice Lake in the eastern Baltic.
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Grudzinska, I., Saarse, L., Vassiljev, J. and Heinsalu, A.
Mid- and late-Holocene shoreline changes along the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland.
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Suursaar, Ü., Tõnisson, H., Kont, A. and Orviku, K.
Analysis of relationships between near-shore hydrodynamics and sediment movement in Osmussaar Island, western Estonia.
PDF (7.16 MB)

Dobrotin, N., Bitinas, A., Michelevičius, D., Damušyte, A. and Mažeika, J.
Reconstruction of the Dead (Grey) Dune evolution along the Curonian Spit, Southeastern Baltic.
PDF (4.06 MB)

Shogenov, K., Shogenova, A. and Vizika-Kavvadias, O.
Potential structures for CO2 geological storage in the Baltic Sea: case study offshore Latvia.
PDF (4.75 MB)

Suuroja, S., Suuroja, K. and Flodén, T.
A comparative analysis of two Early Palaeozoic marine impact structures in Estonia, Baltic Sea: Neugrund and Kärdla.
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Part 2

Heggie, G.J., Barnes, S.J. and Fiorentini, M.L.
Application of lithogeochemistry in the assessment of nickel-sulphide potential in komatiite belts from northern Finland and Norway.
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Ojala, A.E.K., Palmu, J.-P., Åberg, A., Åberg, S. and Virkki, H.
Development of an ancient shoreline database to reconstruct the Litorina Sea maximum extension and the highest shoreline of the Baltic Sea basin in Finland.
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