Suomen Geologinen Seura -
Geologiska Sällskapet i Finland
The Geological Society of Finland

Volume 81 (1–2), 2009

Part 1

Heilimo, E., Halla, J., Lauri, L.S., Rämö, O.T., Huhma, H., Kurhila, M.I. and Front, K.
The Paleoproterozoic Nattanen-type granites in northern Finland and vicinity – a postcollisional oxidized A-type suite.
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Pasanen, A.
Radar stratigraphy of the glaciotectonically deformed deposits in the Isoniemi area, Haukipudas, Finland.
PDF (1.81 MB)

Pitkäranta, R.
Pre-late Weichselian podzol soil, permafrost features and lithostratigraphy at Penttilänkangas, western Finland.
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Part 2

Lehtonen, M. and O'Brien, H.
Mantle transect of the Karelian Craton from margin to core based on P-T data from garnet and clinopyroxene xenocrysts in kimberlites.
PDF (2.46 MB)

Barnes, S.J., Makkonen, H.V., Dowling, S.E., Hill, R.E.T. and Peltonen, P.
The 1.88 Ga Kotalahti and Vammala nickel belts, Finland: geochemistry of the mafic and ultramafic metavolcanic rocks.
PDF (1.26 MB)

Zozulya, D.R., O'Brien, H., Peltonen, P. and Lehtonen, M.
Thermobarometry of mantle-derived garnets and pyroxenes of Kola region (NW Russia): lithosphere composition, thermal regime and diamond prospectivity.
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