Suomen Geologinen Seura -
Geologiska Sällskapet i Finland
The Geological Society of Finland

Volume 78 (1–2), 2006

Part 1

Seppä, H. and Tikkanen, M.
Land uplift-driven shift of the outlet of Lake Ähtärinjärvi, western Finland.
PDF (2.88 MB)

Valpola, S. and Salonen, V.-P.: The paleolimnological development of the twin lakes Etujärvi and Takajärvi in Askola, southern Finland - implications for lake management.
PDF (1.19 MB)

Laajoki, K.
The Mesoproterozoic sub-Lifjell unconrfomity, central Telemark, Norway.
PDF (19.6 MB)

Tuisku, P, Mikkola, P. and Huhma, H.
Evolution of Migmatic Granulite complexes: Implications from Lapland Granulite Belt, Part I: Metamorphic geology.
PDF (2.28 MB)

Part 2

Picken, P.T.
Land-use scenarios for Finnish cut-over peatlands – based on the mineral subsoil characteristics.
PDF (507 KB)

Käpyaho, A.
Whole-rock geochemistry of some tonalite and high Mg/Fe gabbro, diorite, and granodiorite plutons (sanukitoid suites) in the Kuhmo district, eastern Finland.
PDF (3.50 MB)

Tuisku, P. and Huhma, H.
Evolution of Migmatitic Granulite Complexes: Implications from Lapland Granulite Belt, Part II: Isotopic dating.
PDF (2.15 MB)

Laajoki, K. and Huhma, H.
Detrital zircon dating of the Palaeoproterozoic Himmerkinlahti Member, Posio, northern Finland; lithostratigraphic implications.
PDF (1.87 MB)