Suomen Geologinen Seura -
Geologiska Sällskapet i Finland
The Geological Society of Finland

Volume 75 (1–2), 2003

Parts 1–2

Johansson, P.
Eskers and bedrock gorges (tunnel valleys) in the Pakasaivo area, western Finnish Lapland.
PDF (4.04 MB)

Karro, E. and Marandi, A.
Mapping of potentially hazardous elements in the Cambrian–Vendian aquifer system, northern Estonia.
PDF (4.83 MB)

Lauri, L.S., Karinen, T. and Räsänen, J.
The earliest Paleoproterozoic supracrustal rocks in Koillismaa, northern Finland – their petrographic and geochemical characteristics and lithostratigraphy.
PDF (9.05 MB)

Mutanen, T. and Huhma, H.
The 3.5 Ga Siurua trondhjemite gneiss in the Archaean Pudasjärvi Granulite Belt, northern Finland.
PDF (4.57 MB)

Niiranen, T., Hanski, E. and Eilu, P.
General geology, alteration, and iron deposits in the Palaeoproterozoic Misi region, northern Finland.
PDF (4.77 MB)

Nironen, M. and Mänttäri, I.
Structural evolution of the Vuotso area, Finnish Lapland.
PDF (4.74 MB)