Suomen Geologinen Seura -
Geologiska Sällskapet i Finland
The Geological Society of Finland

Volume 70 (1–2), 1998

Parts 1–2

Kadastik, E. and Kalm, V.
Lithostratigraphy of Late Weichselian tills on the West Estonian Islands.
PDF (7.79 MB)

Sarala, P., Peuraniemi, V. and Aario, R.
Glacial geology and till geochemistry in ore exploration in the Tervola area, southern Finnish Lapland.
PDF (15.0 MB)

Teertstra, D.K., Černý, P. and Hawthorne, F.C.
Rubidium-rich feldspars and associated minerals from the Luolamäki pegmatite, Somero, Finland.
PDF (4.98 MB)

Uutela, A.
Extent of the northern Baltic Sea during the Early Palaeozoic Era – new evidence from Ostrobothnia, western Finland.
PDF (12.0 MB)

Veiderma, M., Knubovets, R. and Tõnsuaadu, K.
Structural properties of apatites from Finland studied by FTIR spectroscopy.
PDF (3.78 MB)

Warrender, J.M., Bowes, D.R. and Farrow, C.M.
Conditions of metamorphism of the Outokumpu Cu - Co - Zn deposit from sphalerite geobarometry.
PDF (4.19 MB)