Suomen Geologinen Seura -
Geologiska Sällskapet i Finland
The Geological Society of Finland

Volume 59 (1–2), 1987

Part 1

Rupasinghe, M.S. and Dissanayake, C.B.
The geochemistry and mineralogy of zircons from Sri Lanka.
PDF (8.38 MB)

Ollila, J.T.
Genetic aspects of Sn, Li, Be, Nb-Ta pegmatites and Sn-W vein deposits of the Damaran orogeny, Namibia.
PDF (9.30 MB)

Kinnunen, K., Lindqvist, K. and Lahtinen, R.
Fluid history from crystal cavities in rapakivi, Pyterlahti, southeastern Finland.
PDF (7.50 MB)

Ristaniemi, O. and Glückert, G.
The Ancylus transgression in the area of Espoo – the First Salpausselkä, southern Finland.
PDF (14.3 MB)

Lindqvist, K. and Suominen, V.
Miarolitic cavities in rapakivi granite on Hästholmen, Loviisa, southeastern Finland.
PDF (3.96 MB)

Lahtinen, R. and Johanson, B.
Barium feldspar from Pukkiharju base-metal mineralization, central Finland.
PDF (2.39 MB)

Part 2

Tynni, R. and Sarapää, O.
Fossil bacterial forms in Early Proterozoic dolomite at Kiihtelysvaara in eastern Finland.
PDF (6.32 MB)

Hietanen, A.
Tourmaline (dravite) from the Boehls Butte anorthosite, Idaho, U.S.A.
PDF (2.03 MB)

Alhonen, P.
Chemostratigraphy of the Holocene sediments of Lake Työtjärvi in southern Finland and its limnological significance.
PDF (6.91 MB)

Rasilainen, K.
Hydrocarbons in the Säviä volcanic schist zone, central Finland.
PDF (3.91 MB)

Branigan, N.P.
The role of shearing in the Proterozoic development of the Åland archipelago, S.W. Finland.
PDF (7.79 MB)

Saverikko, M.
The Lapland greenstone belt: Stratigraphic and depositional features in northern Finland.
PDF (17.6 MB)

Heino, A.
The pereentual distribution and frequency of occurrence of diatoms in bottom sediments in the Airisto and Paimionlahti regions in southwest Finland.
PDF (9.69 MB)