Suomen Geologinen Seura -
Geologiska Sällskapet i Finland
The Geological Society of Finland

Volume 56 (1–2), 1984

Parts 1–2

Halden, N.M. and Bowes, D.R.
Metamorphic development ofcordierite-bearing layered schist and mica schist in the vicinity of Savonranta, eastern Finland.
PDF (13.9 MB)

Park, A.F.
Nature, affinities and significance of metavolcanic rocks in the Outokumpu assemblage, eastern Finland.
PDF (18.4 MB)

Ollila, J.T.
Partitioning of barium between coexisting Kfeldspars and plagioclases in Bushveld granites from the Zaaiplaats area, South Africa.
PDF (2.84 MB)

Ollila, J.T.
Fluid inclusions and tin deposition at Zaaiplaats, the Central Transvaal, South Africa.
PDF (10.9 MB)

Ollila, J.T.
The crystallization of a tin-bearing granitoid suite: The Bushveld granites in the Zaaiplaata are, South Africa.
PDF (8.66 MB)

Nironen, M. and Csongrádi, J.
Characteristics of the Proterozoic porphyry-type Cu occurrence at Tienpää, Halsua, western Finland.
PDF (5.60 MB)

Hyvärinen, H.
The Mastogloia stage in the Baltic Sea history: diatom evidence from southern Finland.
PDF (9.41 MB)

Alhonen, P., Heino, A. and Tynni, R.
Über Vorkommen und Bedeutung von Terpsinoe americana (Bail.) Ralfs in den Ablagerungen des Litorinameeres.
PDF (11.3 MB)

Martin, H., Auvray, B., Blais, S., Capdevila, R., Hameurt, J., Jahn, B.M., Piquet, D., Quérré, G. and Vidal, Ph.
Origin and geodynamic evolution of the Archean crust of eastern Finland.
PDF (17.9 MB)

Barbey, P., Convert, J., Moreau, B., Capdevila, R. and Hameurt, J.
Petrogenesis and evolution of an early Proterozoic collisional orogenic belt: The granulite belt of Lapland and the Belomorides (Fennoscandia).
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Korkutis, V.
Die Paläogeographie und Fazien der kambrischen Ablagerungen im Bereich der osteuropäischen Plattform.
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Törnroos, R.
An X-ray diffraction method for determining the amount of xenotime in a zircon sample.
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Tolonen, K.
Interpretation of changes in the ash content of ombrotrophic peat layers.
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Nieminen, P. and Kellomäki, A.
Porosity of the fine fractions of Finnish tills.
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Tolonen, M.
Comments to the paper: »On Vohtenkellarinsuo, a bog in Paimio, SW Finland with a cultural origin» by Irmeli Vuorela, Bull. Geol. Soc. Finland 55, 57—66.
PDF (2.48 MB)

Vuorela, I.
A reply to Mirjami Tolonen concerning her comments on my paper: »On Vohtenkellarinsuo, a bog in Paimio, SW Finland with a cultural origin» by Irmeli Vuorela, Bull. Geol. Soc. Finland 55, 57—66.
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Laitakari, I. and Lahti, S.I.
A boulder of orbicular rock from Replot (Raippaluoto), western Finland.
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