Suomen Geologinen Seura -
Geologiska Sällskapet i Finland
The Geological Society of Finland

Volume 53 (1–2), 1981

Part 1

Alhonen, P.
Väinö Auer 1895—1981.
PDF (1.55 MB)

Alapieti, T. and Saarnisto, M.
Energy dispersive X-ray-microanalysis of laminated sediments from Lake Valkiajärvi, Finland.
PDF (5.38 MB)

Kähkönen, Y., Mäkelä, K. and Rosenberg, R.J.
Rare earth elements in Proterozoic metabasalts and associated sulphide ore from Haveri, southwestern Finland.
PDF (4.00 MB)

Viladkar, S.G.
The carbonatites of Amba Dongar, Gujarat, India.
PDF (8.14 MB)

Piispanen, R.
Heavy mineral compositions of lake placer sands in northern Finland.
PDF (9.95 MB)

Vuorela, I.
The vegetational and settlement history in Sysmä, central South Finland, interpreted on the basis of two pollen diagrams.
PDF (8.85 MB)

Horwitz, R.C.
Discussion on "A progress review of the Hamersley Basin of Western Australia" by A. F. Trendall (Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Finland 307, 1980).
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Part 2

Huhma, A.
Youngest Precambrian dyke rocks in North Karelia, East Finland.
PDF (11.0 MB)

Heinänen, K. and Vartiainen, H.
Magnetite in Sokli carbonatite massif and in Tulppio oliviniite.
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Lindqvist, K. and Laitakari, I.
Palygorskite from Padasjoki, southern Finland.
PDF (3.68 MB)

Alhonen, P.
Stratigraphical studies on Lake Iidesjärvi sediments. Part 1. Environmental changes and palaeolimnological development.
PDF (7.39 MB)

Neuvonen, K.J., Korsman, K., Kouvo, O. and Paavola, J.
Paleomagnetism and age relations of the rocks in the Main Sulphide Ore Belt in central Finland.
PDF (15.3 MB)

Park, A.F. and Bowes, D.R.
Metamorphosed and deformed pillows from Losomäki: evidence of sub-aqueous volcanism in the Outokumpu association, eastern Finland.
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