Suomen Geologinen Seura -
Geologiska Sällskapet i Finland
The Geological Society of Finland

Volume 45 (1–2), 1973

Part 1

Sahama, Th.G., Siivola, J. and Rehtijärvi, P.
Andremeyerite, a new barium iron silicate, from Nyiragongo, Zaire.
PDF (5.55 MB)

Koljonen, T.
Selenium in certain igneous rocks.
PDF (9.88 MB)

Neuvonen, K.J.
Remanent magnetization of the Jotnian sandstone in Satakunta, SW-Finland.
PDF (2.99 MB)

Papunen, H.
Chemical composition and origin of the shock metamorphic rocks of the Sääksjärvi area, Finland.
PDF (4.29 MB)

Puustinen, K.
Tetraferriphlogopite from the Siilinjärvi carbonatite complex, Finland.
PDF (5.84 MB)

Siivola, J.
Electron microprobe data processing: a comparison of three computational methods.
PDF (4.32 MB)

Suominen, V.
Late Precambrian plastic deformation in crystalline limestone in Kumlinge, South-West Finland.
PDF (3.62 MB)

Laurén, L.
Gravity study of the amphibolite syncline in Nagu, SW-Finland.
PDF (4.63 MB)

Edelman, N.
Tension cracks parallel with the axial plane.
PDF (3.87 MB)

Sahama, Th.G., v. Knorring, O. and Rehtijärvi, P.
Xenotime from Morrua, Mozambique.
PDF (3.49 MB)

Alhonen, P. and Ristiluoma, S.
On the occurrence of subfossil Pediastrum algae in a Flandrian core at Kirkkonummi, southern Finland.
PDF (3.27 MB)

Kröner, A. and Rankama, K.
Late Precambrian glaciogenic sedimentary rocks in southern Africa: a compilation with definitions and correlations.
PDF (20.1 MB)

Part 2

Huhma, M., Vuorelainen, Y., Häkli, T.A. and Papunen, H.
Haapalaite, a new nickel-iron sulphide of the valleriite type from East Finland.
PDF (2.51 MB)

Koljonen, T.
Selenium in certain metamorphic rocks.
PDF (7.56 MB)

Koljonen, T.
Selenium in certain sedimentary rocks.
PDF (2.96 MB)

Erämetsä, O., Nieminen, K. and Niinistö, L.
Two transparent beryl varieties from the Kaatiala pegmatite, Finland.
PDF (3.60 MB)

Heino, A.
Bottom deposits and sedimentation in northern Airisto in Southwestern Finland.
PDF (8.00 MB)

Laajoki, K. and Ojanperä, P.
Magnesioriebeckite and penninite from a shear zone in Puolanka, NE Finland.
PDF (6.56 MB)

Karup-Møller, S.
Nickelhexahydrite from Finland.
PDF (2.78 MB)

Mölder, K. and Tynni, R.
Über Finnlands rezente und subfossile Diatomeen VII.
PDF (14.6 MB)

Repo, R.
Pollen analyses of tills from SE-Finland.
PDF (13.3 MB)

Tuominen, H.V., Aarnisalo, J. and Söderholm, B.
Tectonic patterns in the central Baltic Shield.
PDF (9.16 MB)