Suomen Geologinen Seura -
Geologiska Sällskapet i Finland
The Geological Society of Finland

Volume 43 (1–2), 1971

Part 1

Siivola, J.
The aluminium -band structure of andalusite, sillimanite and kyanite.
PDF (3.33 MB)

Glückert, G.
Stranddünenwälle am Längsoszug Virttaankangas—Säkylänharju in SW-Finnland.
PDF (8.99 MB)

Cooray, P.G.
The Tonigala granite, N. W. Ceylon.
PDF (13.7 MB)

Alhonen, P.
On the early Flandrian stratigraphy and vegetational history of the North Satakunta area, western Finland.
PDF (5.38 MB)

Okko, M. and Perttunen, M.
A mound field in the Second Salpausselkä ice-marginal belt at Kurhila, southern Finland.
PDF (6.04 MB)

Aario, R.
Consolidation of Finnish sediments by loading ice sheets.
PDF (8.21 MB)

Perttunen, V.
Lokkaite, a new hydrous RE-carbonate from Pyörönmaa pegmatite in Kangasala, SW-Finland.
PDF (3.57 MB)

Donner, J.J. and Gardemeister, R. (appendix by Tynni, R.)
Redeposited Eemian marine clay in Somero, south-western Finland.
PDF (9.13 MB)
Appendix (PDF file, 2.17 MB)

Sahama, Th.G. and Lehtinen, M.
Refinement of the X-ray data for hydrotungstite from Calacalani, Bolivia.
PDF (1.51 MB)

Nykänen, O.
On the Karelides in the Tohmajärvi area, eastern Finland.
PDF (13.6 MB)

Seppälä, M.
Stratigraphy and material of the loess layers at Mende, Hungary.
PDF (9.43 MB)

Nixon, P.H., Morton, W.H. and von Knorring, O.
Tychite and northupite from Lake Katwe, Uganda.
PDF (4.58 MB)

Published notices: Officers for 1971, membership information (PDF 390 kB).

Part 2

Mutanen, T.
An example of the use of boulder counting in lithologic mapping.
PDF (6.03 MB)

Glückert, G.
Drumlinlandschaft auf der Wasserscheide zwischen Pieksämäki und Haukivuori in Mittelfinnland.
PDF (15.7 MB)

Aario, R.
Syndepositional deformation in the Kurkiselkä esker, Kiiminki, Finland.
PDF (7.42 MB)

Glückert, G.
Bewegungen des Inlandeises im Lohja—Seebecken, Südfinnland.
PDF (8.66 MB)

Repo, R. and Tynni, R.
Observations on the Quaternary geology of an area between the 2nd Salpausselkä and the ice-marginal formation of central Finland.
PDF (12.7 MB)

Mölder, K. and Tynni, R.
Über Finnlands rezente und subfossile Diatomeen V.
PDF (10.9 MB)

Haapala, I., Siivola, J., Ojanperä, P. and Yletyinen, V.
Red corundum, sapphirine and kornerupine from Kittilä, Finnish Lapland.
PDF (7.20 MB)

Lahermo, P.
On chemical denudation caused by ground water in central Finnish Lapland.
PDF (8.04 MB)

Häkli, T.A.
Silicate nickel and its application to the exploration of nickel ores.
PDF (10.4 MB)

Gaál, G. and Rauhamäki, E.
Petrological and structural analysis of the Haukivesi area between Varkaus and Savonlinna, Finland.
PDF (50.7 MB)
Appendix map 1 (PDF file, 3.65 MB)
Appendix map 2 (PDF file, 1.13 MB)
Appendix map 3 (PDF file, 2.12 MB)
Appendix map 4 (PDF file, 2.23 MB)
Appendix map 5 (PDF file, 4.29 MB)
Appendix map 6 (PDF file, 2.84 MB)
Appendix map 7 (PDF file, 2.76 MB)