Suomen Geologinen Seura -
Geologiska Sällskapet i Finland
The Geological Society of Finland

Volume 42, 1970

Vorma, A.
Pyrrhotite-troilite intergrowth from Luikonlahti copper deposit, eastern Finland.
PDF (8.37 MB)

Vartiainen, H.
Schist belt of Tipasjärvi in the parish of Sotkamo, Finland.
PDF (6.67 MB)

Gorbatschev, R.
Biotites in granites, biotites in gneisses, and the status of biotite as a one-mineral environment indicator.
PDF (7.27 MB)

Siivola, J.
Ilmenorutile and strüverite from Penikoja, Somero, SW Finland.
PDF (2.62 MB)

Siivola, J.
On the accuracy of the mineral analysis performed by electron microprobe.
PDF (8.63 MB)

Nicolaou, M. and Häkli, T.A.
The presence of aikinite in the Aberdeen area of the Kirki mine, western Thrace, Greece.
PDF (1.68 MB)

Huhma, A. and Huhma, M
Contribution to the geology and geochemistry of the Outokumpu region.
PDF (18.3 MB)

Lehtinen, M.
New evidence for an impact origin of Lake Lappajärvi, western Finland: a preliminary report.
PDF (3.28 MB)

Sahama, Th.G., v. Knorring, O. and Lehtinen, M.
New data for anthoinite.
PDF (3.20 MB)

Neuvonen, K.J.
Paleomagnetism of the dike systems in Finland v. remanent magnetization of the Åva intrusives.
PDF (4.67 MB)

Häkli, T.A.
Factor analysis of the sulphide phase in mafic-ultramafic rocks in Finland.
(PDF (6.74 MB)

Siiriäinen, A.
Archaeological background of ancient Lake Päijänne and geological dating of the meso-neolith1c boundary in Finland.
(PDF (5.49 MB)

Mölder, K. and Tynni, R
Über Finnlands rezente und subfossile Diatomeen IV.
PDF (10.7 MB)

Tamrazyan, G.P.
Seismicity of Fennoscandia in relation to cosmic conditions.
PDF (3.72 MB)

Kataja, M., Nurmi, A., Wennervirta, H. and Vornanen, E.
The data processing and the interpretation of the results in pedogeochemical exploration.
PDF (7.37 MB)

Martignole, J. and Schrijver, K.
Tectonic setting and evolution of the Morin anorthosite, Grenville province, Quebec.
PDF (34.9 MB)

Rankama, K.
Proterozoic, Archeam and other weeds in the Precambrian rock garden.
PDF (8.76 MB)

Sahama, Th.G., v. Knorring, O. and Lehtinen, M.
Cerotungstite, a cerian analogue to yttrotungstite, from Uganda.
PDF (4.41 MB)