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Upcoming articles will become available on this page prior to their publication in a print issue.

Special Issue following the INQUA Peribaltic Working Group Meeting and Excursion held in northern Finland, Norway and Sweden in 2017
(to be published in print in December 2018)

Woronko B., Belzyt S., Bujak Ł. and Pisarska-Jamroży M.
Glaciotectonically deformed glaciofluvial sediments with ruptured pebbles (the Koczery study site, E Poland)
PDF (2.70 MB)
(Published online 24 May 2018)

Woźniak P.F., Pisarska-Jamroży M. and Elwirski Ł.
Orientation of gravels and soft-sediment clasts in subaqueous debrites – implications for palaeodirection reconstruction: case study from Puck Bay, northern Poland
PDF (2.26 MB)
(Published online 3 May 2018)

Forysiak J.
The diversity of geomorphological features of peatland basins in Central Poland and its paleoecological significance – a review
PDF (779 KB)
(Published online 14 June 2018)

Dzieduszyńska D.A. and Petera-Zganiacz J.
Small-scale geologic evidence for Vistulian decline cooling periods: case studies from the Łódź Region (Central Poland)
PDF (2.05 MB)
(Published online 14 June 2018)

Nenonen K., Johansson P., Sallasmaa O., Sarala P. and Palmu J.-P.
The inselberg landscape in Finnish Lapland: a morphological study based on the LiDAR data interpretation
PDF (2.50 MB)
(Published online 14 June 2018)

Subetto D.A., Shvarev S.V., Nikonov A.A., Zaretskaya N.E., Poleshcshuk A.V. and Potakhin M.S.
New evidence of the Vuoksi River origin by geodynamic cataclysm
PDF (2.91 MB)
(Published online 14 June 2018)