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Luolavirta K., Hanski E., Maier W. and Santaguida F.
Characterization and origin of dunitic rocks in the Ni-Cu-(PGE) sulfide ore-bearing Kevitsa intrusion, northern Finland: whole-rock and mineral chemical constraints
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(Published online 31 October 2017)
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LiDAR issue cover

Ojala A.E.K. and Sarala P.
Editorial: LiDAR – rapid developments in remote sensing of geological features
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(Published online 7 October 2017)

Putkinen N., Eyles N., Putkinen S., Ojala A.E.K., Palmu J.-P., Sarala P., Väänänen T., Räisänen J., Saarelainen J., Ahtonen N., Rönty H., Kiiskinen A., Rauhaniemi T. and Tervo T.
High-resolution LiDAR mapping of glacial landforms and ice stream lobes in Finland
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(Published online 28 September 2017)
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Sarala P. and Räisänen J.
Evolution of the eastern part of the Kuusamo Ice Lobe, based on geomorphological interpretation of high-resolution LiDAR data
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(Published online 28 September 2017)

Nikarmaa T., Lunkka J.P. and Putkinen N.
Factors affecting the dynamics of the North Karelian/Oulu Ice Lobe, Central Finland, during the last deglaciation – a LiDAR and DEM interpretation of subglacial lineation patterns
PDF (5.95 MB)
(Published online 28 September 2017)